Flowers blooming in space? How are NASA astronauts doing?

Arabidopsis! This plant became the first full life cycle to occur in space – salute 7 in the 80s.

Surprise, overwhelming or surprising?

Well, NASA recently shared information on how building fungi became the secret to live on Mars.

Are we going to Mars?

Well, it’s no longer a question of whether humans will go to Mars, but when. When we get to the second planet, it might be a decade from now, it could be the 2030s. But will humans survive life beyond Earth?

From ‘Mercury 13’ by Martha Ackerman to ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir … do you want to live in space?

Mars is said to be cold and dry, but 38% of its gravitational field is expected to be stronger than that of Earth. Mars could be a big reason why humans could be the next planet for human existence.

January 2022

Small green plants can be seen growing on the moon. The plants may have arrived with Chang’e-4, a Chinese spacecraft that landed on the side that never turns to Earth. This is the first landing in history.

The seeds of this plant come from the comfort of your home – air, water, soil, and the temperature at which the plant grows. When nestled together, the seedlings take on a small forest – it’s like thriving in barren land. However, they were all dead a week later.

This is because the moon is collecting and has no proper sunlight. The temperature plummeted to -52 degrees Celsius. And because the sprouts were not designed to withstand the temperature, they eventually froze to death.

Our imaginary outer space is not friendly to plants, humans, or at best living things. Except for possible tardigrades. Tardigrades are microscopic creatures that look like little bears.

The experiments in China marked the first time that biological material growing on the moon has been recorded. NASA might call it a “dirt collection device.”

But plants have been inhabitants of space for years. All he needs is a little attention and care compared to his earthly counterpart.


According to scientists, this is a species of plant selected for practical reasons. Arabidopsis thaliana is a white flower also known as plant science fruit fly by these scientists.

Perhaps you can say now that some plants can grow in space. The International Space Station is the first human laboratory to grow plants above the Earth’s surface. These plants are grown in specially equipped rooms with special lighting to replace the sun.

Seeds are grown using nutrient-rich substances similar to cat litter but mixed with fertilizer particles. Because there is no natural water to flow, it is controlled so that plants get enough water at their roots. Sometimes in microgravity, gases tend to merge into bubbles that push air around to keep carbon dioxide and oxygen flowing.

The room inside the International Space Station is the size of a small fridge with precision sensors built into it. All that an astronaut needs to do is add water and keep changing the filter. Scientists on the ground can handle the rest of the operations. From regulating temperature to properly checking the humidity levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

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