Introducing SILQ – the first intuitive programming language for quantum computing

Silq: The first universal and intuitive quantum computer programming!

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

First, it was quantum computers that sparked a passion for wanting to solve human problems. Now, the world’s first intuitive programming language for quantum computers is available.

Silq, designed by researchers at ETH Zurich, is the first programming language used to program quantum computers. The programming language claims to be the world’s first high-level quantum language. It’s simple, reliable, advanced and more expressive. It simply means that the language can recognize complex tasks and algorithms with less code.

Why choose Silq?

Because of Silq,

  • is the first programming language that is not specifically designed around a hardware build or function. However, programmers can use the language when they need to know every little detail about computer architecture and operation.
  • Not only does it delete and specify values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are no longer needed, but it provides an innovative breakthrough in optimizing quantum computer programming.
  • Provides a powerful static type system for providing intuitive semantics. For example, if a program type is checked, semantics tend to follow intuitive recipes that help eliminate values.
  • According to computer scientists at ETH Zurich, quantum computer programming has become easier. Their first design is said to be as simple, reliable and secure as a classic computer.

But using Silq remains a challenge for researchers, said Martin Vechev, professor of computer science at ETH’s Secure, Reliable and Intelligent Systems (SRI) Laboratory. They are all excited to continue ETH Zurich’s tradition of developing quantum computers and programming languages, which is one reason for their excitement.

Martin added: “Our quantum programming language, Silq, allows programmers to better exploit the potential of quantum computers than existing languages, because the code is more compact, faster, more intuitive and easier for programmers to understand. ”

Why use Silq programming language?

Most of the time quantum computing produces temporary values. However, removing the value from consideration causes the measurement to break down the state of the quantum computation. Now in order to eliminate these provisional values from being considered without causing a crash in the measurement, the existing language algorithm needs to decompose all other provisional values.

However, this has further led to the development of a gap between quantum languages and classical languages, which is a major barrier to the adoption of quantum languages. This is a hint of side effects caused by computer errors, such as removing very non-intuitive values.

Now, this is where Silq comes in.

Silq bridges the gap by automatically decomposing temporary values. The type system used by Silq takes advantage of basic patterns in quantum algorithms, predicting that a computational defect can be safely made when:

  • The variables used for evaluation have been retained and can be used as a non-computational leverage.
  • The responsibility on the original evaluation of the non-computational value is to be classically described.
  • One of the biggest simplifications that Silq offers as a programming language for quantum computers is the bug that attacks quantum programming. Several intermediate steps are needed to create instant results.

In order to refresh memories, classic computers tend to delete all these values automatically. This is called a “garbage collection” by computer scientists because temporary values are removed.

But in the case of a quantum computer, the procedure is difficult because of quantum entanglement – previously calculated values tend to interact with current ones, interfering with the correct computation. This is where non-computer technology comes into play. If not mentioned before, non-computation is an advanced method or technique that helps clean up temporary values on quantum computers.

Well, Silq is the first programming language to automatically identify and delete values that are no longer needed, “said Bichsel, one of the Ph.D. students in the Vechev group who helped oversee Silq’s development.

Silq, its user advantage

Designed as the first general-purpose language for quantum computing, Silq is a breakthrough in correcting a major flaw in quantum computing.

  • The algorithm used by Silq is shorter and simpler.
  • An added benefit is that it is safe and automatically canceled.
  • There are no symbolic overheads associated with languages that can implement less static security measures in the program.
  • Silq is responsible for implementing intuitive and physical semantics and preventing bugs that cannot easily be found in existing quantum languages.
  • Ability to adjust the state of a program according to intuitive semantics that follow the laws of quantum physics.

If you also want to install Silq, you can use its Visual Studio Code plugin (vscode) to do just that. This method works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Quantum computers are being extensively studied by researchers, seeking to reach new levels of technological innovation with computational quality a million times greater than conventional computers. But this still requires high levels of low temperature to function, making it unlikely to be used as a consumer device, at least not in the near future.

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