Quiz Easy 7


Quiz Easy 7

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Masjid Quwat-e-Islam is located in which city?

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Which statement is true to forests?

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Bodh Gaya is located in which indian state?

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How much fresh water is present in the form of frozen caps and cray

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In which year Akbar himself took upon the task of administration without any influence?

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Humayun besieged for fort of Chunar in 1532 under who offered nominal submission. It proved to be a mistake on the part of Humayun to accept it

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In his last days Ghiyasuddin Balban overlooked Sultanate affairs due to death of his eldest and most loving son, Muhammad. Muhammad died fighting Mongolians in

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Which was the first Mughal king who abolished the practice of sati?

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Who defeated Ibrahim Lodhi by adopting his trusted war tactics of Tulughma in 1526?

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Populatiob increase leads to

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Jallianwala Bagh incident was took place on

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Ultra violet rays reaching the earth surface causes

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In the sixth century BC, who crossed the KhyberbPass and took possession of the land around Peshawar?

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When Humayun cupied the throne, he found himself surrounded by enemies on all sides. In the east were Mahmud Lodhi and other Afghans under share Khan. In the South was Sultan Bahadur Shah, and the ruler of Gujarat, and in the north-west was his brother. What was the name of brother of Humayun?

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Environmental resources that are never depleted are termed

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The waste material such as paper,organic manure,plastic materials etc are generally termed

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Alauddin Alam Shah was succeeded by king of Lodhi dynesty named?

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One of the following is because of air pollution

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Mughal king Ahmed succeeded by

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Who wrote Lords of the Khyber?

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