Quiz Hard 3


Quiz Hard 3

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For monodisperse systems

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Which of the following radiation has high frequency?

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The vitamin which is related to sastosacchandes in

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For a reaction of type A+ B ® product is Products It is observed that doubling the concentration of A causes the reaction rate to be four times as great. but doubling the amount of B there is no apparent affect on the rate. The rate equation is

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which of the following elements would have ionization energy ((Ej) ?

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The element having electronic configuration [Kr) 4d10,4f14. 5s2, 5p6, 5dT,6s2 belongs to

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Which of the following dyes belongs to the group of acridine dyes

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Acetic anhydride can be most conveniently prepared in the labortry by

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Which one of the following ampound can be monomer of rubber?

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A collooidal system in which a liquid is a dispersed in a solid is called

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Which of the following is a triphenylrnethane dye?

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Chlorination of toluene in the presence of light and heat followed by treatment with aqueous NaOH gives

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Toulene is o/p - orienting with respect to an eltrophilic subatitution reaction due to

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The terpenoid responsible for the smell of rose is

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Which of the following is not characteristics of terpenoids

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For a reaction of the type (around order A) A----- Product if the initial concentration of A in a and at given time t, the concentration of product is x. the rate conatant (k) can he put an

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Which of the following expressions represent the Arrhenius equation

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which of the following is not an example of homogeneous catalysis

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The addition of HCI in the presence of peroxide does not follow anti-Markovnikov's flak because

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Spinning proton can take up how many orientations in an applied magnetic field

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In a one-component system, the maximum number of phase that can coexist in equilibrium is

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Suppose that the rate law reaction is Rate = k [A] [B] and the initial concentration of A and B are equal. If C represents the concentration of both A and B at any time t, a straight line will be obtained if

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The freezing point of a solvent

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For the reaction 2SO2 + O2 «2SO3 the rate of O2 is 2.0 * 10-4 mol -1 s-1. the rate of apperarences of SO3 is

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All steroids on heating with selenium give

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Recryetallization in the moot common technique of purification of solid organic substances. Which of the following statements is not related with characteristics of a suitable solvent

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Atomic radii of fluorine and neon in Angstrom units are respectively given by

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The correct order of electron affinities of Si, P and CI is

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Sulphur can exist in

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Which of the following does not represent Lewis acid?

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