Quiz Hard 3


Quiz Hard 3

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The difference between the incident and scattered frequencies in the Raman spectrum in called the

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The rate constant of a reaction depends on

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The absorption of light by molecules undergoing photochemical reaction generally results in

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The kinetics of the decompositions of ammonia on the tungsten surface follows

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alpha-terpineol is obtained on hydration of which of the following with dilute H2SO4.

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The correct order of electron affinities of Si, P and CI is

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The phase rule was deduced by

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Which of the following statetnents is not correct?

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Which of the following statment regarding phenols is not correct

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Which of the following statements is not correct with the concept of Bronated concept of acids and bases

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The correct order of electron affinities is

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Weak acids have Ka value

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When the colourless liquid chlorobenzene is shaken with bromine water, the chlorobenzene becomes a yellow-orange colour. Which of the following is the best interpretation of this?

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Which of the following is an azo dye?

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the emulsions. the dispersed phase and the dispersion medium are

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In a system, when the chemical potential of each component is the same for all phases, the equilibrium is said to be in

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Which one of the following is used to make non-stick material?

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If R1 and R2 are the rates of reactions at concentration C1 and C2 then the order of the reaction (n) with respect to the reactant under consideration (keeping other factors mach as concentration of other reactants and temperature constant)

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The dyes which are produced on,the fibre in situ by reactions sell known

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Spinning proton can take up how many orientations in an applied magnetic field

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The terpenoid present in oil of lemon grass is

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which of the following statement is not correct with respect to applications of Hammett equations?

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In each period the element with least ionization enthalpy belongs to

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A mixture of 0.1 mole of acetic anhydride and 0.1 mol of phenylamine was warmed gently untill no further reaction occurred and then shaken for some time with water.The volume of 1.0 M NaOH solution required to neutralize the aqueous product was

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The Langmuir adsorption isotherm shows that the amount of adsorbed gas per gram of the solid is equal to

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Which of the spectrum arises when an electron jumps from one energy level to another?

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Law of octaves was proposed by

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In which pairs of reagents will each member of the pair react separetely with ethanoic acid? (1)H2SO4:NaOH (2)NH3:PCl3 (3)H2SO4:PCl3 (4)NH3:Cl2

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The reagent which can be react with 1- chlorobutane to give subsitution products is

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Foes compound to act as a dye it must have

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