Quiz Hard 1


Quiz Hard 1

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Pomology is the?

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Manganese steel usually contains how many percent of mangananese

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Movement of the material across the called membrane which doesn't requiring expenditure of metabolic energy is called

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Interphase and M phase can be best summed up by which of the following pairs of words?

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What are the products of the thermal decomposition of magnesium nitrate'?

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Which of the following is not biological characteristics of water?

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Which of the following health effect is caused by mercury?

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. The electrical resistance of stainless steels can be as much as time that of carbon steel.

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Which of the following process is not physical in nature?

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The movement of matenals across a selectively permeable membrane can he place by

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An ideal gas is one which obeys all the gas laws at

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Which of the following device is employed for cell potential measurement?

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Which of the following pollutant results from roasting and heating processes?

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Which of the following pollutant is not primary pollutant?

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The wear-resistance of this material is attributed to its ability to --, that is, the hardness is increased greatly when the steel is cold worked

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What class of cells are reproduced during meiosis?

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Which of the following least resembles an ideal gas?

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Geneticist Hermann J. Muller wrote "In a sense we contain ourselves, wrapped up within ourselves, trillions of times repeated." To what does this quote refer?

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Meiosis is also called

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. By definition a rubber is a substance that has at least elongation in tensile test and is capable of returning rapidly and forcibly to its onginal dimensions when load is removed

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The property measured in TGA is

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Which of the following combination is an example of self replicating organelles?

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Chromosomes are composed of what biological molecule?

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Osteology is the

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In a system of designating wrought aluminum alloys,what does the second digit represents?

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Which of the following technique is current-voltage technique?

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Which of the following statement is incorrect about Glyoxisomes?

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The chrome-molybdenum steels contain how many percent of molybdenum?

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. The number of coordinates required to specify the position of all the atoms in a molecule is called number of degree of freedom. The vibrational degrees of freedom of a linear molecule containing N atoms are

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Which one is not the function of endoplasmic reticulumt

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