Quiz Hard 1


Quiz Hard 1

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Which of the following allows charge transfer through the solution but prevents mixing of the solution?

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Cardiology deals with the

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'Zone of exclusion' is associated with

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Which of the following cells is used to produce electricity from chemical reaction

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Which one of followings is described as true wall?

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In 1903 Arthur Lapworth became the first chemist to investigate a reaection mechanism reaction he investigated was that of hydrogen cyanide with prop a none.

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Deactivation of M-phase-promoting factor signals entry into which of the following mitotic phases?

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The site of glycolysis is

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What term is used to desccribe polymer that has rubber like properties?

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A large molecule with two alternating mars la celled as

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The special chrome steels of the stainless variety contain how ninny percent of chromium?

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De-Duve and coworkers isolated particles from liver cells and other tissues which were enriched with oxidative enzyme, these are called

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which of the following solvent is the best to use when taking IR spectrum?

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Which of the following statement not true With respect to electrode potential?

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Which of the following technique is the application of voltametry at a fixed potential to detect changes in the currents as a function of the concentration of the analyte

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What is a polymer production process that involves forming a polymer chats containing two different monuments?

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The gasses H2, N2, O2 and NH3 (molecular masses H2 = 2, N2 = 28, O2 = 32 and NH3 = 17) will effuse in the order

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A cell with a haploid number of 20 has which of the following dipliod numbers?

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What is the mixture of gibbsite and diaspore, of which aluminum is derived?

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What is the ratio of stress to strain in a material loaded within its elastic ranger?

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At extremely low pressure the van der Waals equations for one mole may be written as

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One of the most fundamental geberlization in biology is?

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Genetics is the study of what? (PPSC 2019)

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Number of nuclear pores /nucleus in an RBC are

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The membrane that allows only selective substances to pass through it is called:

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Which reagent could detect the presence of alcohol in a petrol consisting mainly of a mixture of alkanes and alkenes

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steal is an alloy of iron and carbon with limits on the amount of carbon to less than percent.

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One cell that undergoes meiosis will yield how many independent cells?

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Linda and Ben request prenatal genetic testing to determine if their unbom child has Down syndrome. Cells are collected from the fetus and the chromosomes are examined in a analysis

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Which of the following fluids conducts electricity?

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